Sunday, September 11, 2011

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Lusit's Guide to a Beautiful Tech Demo
Crysis is widely held as the most beautiful video game to be ever made for nerds with overpriced computers.  However, the mod scene makes it prettier, easier to brag to console peasants about, and much, much more resource intensive.  I don't recommend this guide unless you have a bitching computer.  If you do, by all means go for it, it'll look great.

Part 1: Fixes, Tips, and Configs
1. Crysis is prone to stuttering and freezing.  If you're having trouble running it modded, you might just want to go back to vanilla, or just use a config.  It's a difficult game to run.  Also, if you're having performance troubles, try taking out the foliage mod, as that is a huge performance drain.  Configs should generally improve performance.
2. Use this so you can use Parallax Occlusion Mapping and Anisotropic Filtering at the same time.
3. Download RELI2, which is a TOD/Config mod, and run the .exe.
4. And Extreme Immersive Mod, which adds nice color effects and generally makes the game looked prettier. Pick 4 when prompted for your TOD choice.
5. I suggest adjusting your contrast, brightness, and gamma correction ratio to something similar to this (add picture in later).

Part 2: Texture Mods
1. To first kill your performance, download the Rygel High Texture Mod.  This replaces fucking everything and makes it beautiful.  I suggest booting up Crysis and trying to run it now, with the texture mod.  If you're having trouble, your computer not be able to handle modded Crysis.
2. There are a couple weak points in Rygel's texturing.  The most glaring are the rocks, so get better rocks.
3. Grab High Resolution Foliage for pretty plants.
4. Pick up Better Palm Tree Textures and HDGrass, too.
5. Get multiple gun skin packs in the form of this and this.  For the second one, there are two SCAR skins.  I prefer the lighter one.
6. Get the Nanosuit Ultra Customization Pack from here.  Using the customization menu, I suggest the Warhead suit, mixed helmet, and red visor.

Part 3: Shaders, etc
1. XZero's Water Shader Mod, which makes the water beautiful.
2. Dynamic Fire 2, for destroying the natural ecosystem of North Korean islands.
3XTreme Particle FX2, while having an incredibly ridiculous name, is amazing.
NOTE: I am currently looking for XZero's Cinematic Shader Mod.  I cannot find it.  If someone happens to have it, or has a link to it, I would greatly appreciate being given it.

Part 4: Autoexec.cfg Edits
1. After finishing the rest of this guide, copy and paste this into your Autoexec.cfg folder, located in CrysisDir\Game\Config:


e_water_ocean_soft_particles= 1

r_TexMaxAnisotropy = 16
r_usePom = 1


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